Know your Rights or Lose Them!

Listed below are Links to Documents Related to a subject called "Priority of Service to Covered Persons". They are your Rights, the government found that they were being abused, disregarded, and blatantly ignored. So in an attempt to enforce and protect your Rights they created and finalized 20 CFR 1010. These Rights apply to almost all government sponsored training including Colleges,Local, State, Federal training programs. This because of a trickle down effect of Department of Labor funding to State Governments, where they are blended with other resources, until you can not tell where they came from. They are your Rights but if you do not ask for them, You May Not Get Them! If you need help ask someone what your Rights are, they are required by Law to inform You. If You Don't Ask, they will give them away.

Know Your Rights!
Code of Federal Regulations
20 CFR 1010
Department of Labor
TEGL10-09 TEGL10-09a3
TEGL10-09a1 TEGL10-09a4
Department of Labor Veterans
Veterans Program Letter