The Mobile Labs, Their Past and Their Future

The Mobile Labs are "Veterans" of Americas past military programs. They were range monitoring (Rocket?) vehicles, a possibly exaggerated version might be that they were part of NASA"s 80's Space Shuttle Mission. That they served at Cape Canaveral, Houston, Redstone and other NASA Space Centers as mobile labs.That they were delivered in time for the "Maiden Voyage of Shuttle Discovery" (OV-103), NASA's third space shuttle orbiter to join the fleet, arriving at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 1984.
After checkout and processing, the job that these mobile labs may have been designed for, Discovery was launched on Aug. 30, 1984, for its first mission, 41-D, to deploy three communications satellites! Can you imagine if they were humans the stories they could tell at a cocktail party, around a campfire or to their Grandchildren! Of rockets blasting off into space carrying payloads destined to other planets, carrying communications satellites or maybe even the Hubble Space Telescope, oh the stories they might tell. How and where they served honorably, from induction in 1984 till the point they were put into reserve status, isn't as as important as the fact that they served. How many years of active duty and how many years reserve we'll never know. Recently the Department of Defense decided to release them from active and reserve status. They were then put up for auction recently, to begin a new life in the civilian sector. Their Future was and still is bordering on the unknown.
Where would they end up? Would they go to Scrap yards for salvage? Body parts sold off like human organ donations to the highest bidder to save the life of an aging party hardy Revcon RV sibling not called to serve its country? Would they be fitted out to look like their siblings, the Revcon RV's? Would they be used for underfunded Disaster Relief efforts? Would they become temporary housing for a recent disaster victim? Interim office space for a disaster relief engineering or construction team? The possibilities would be limited only by the imagination and budget! They like all "Veterans" had already served, what type of duty would they be placed into?
That is where, Just for Veterans "Green Energy Training" stepped into the picture. Being old enough to know the "Standards and Values Our Society Held as It's Guiding Light" when these units were created. I knew for a fact that they were built "By the Best for the Best". At 27 years old (less than half my age) I felt if I bought two, I could make at least one nice class room for entry level Green Energy Training, "Just for Veterans". That the Mobile Labs together with a trailer full of equipment for "Hands On" training to compliment, Just for Veterans, future "Green Energy Training" Mission of providing online training and certification.
The Mobile Labs created to meet the highest United States Government standards of the time, would not meet the demands of "Our" current society raised on excessive consumption and creature comfort? Proven by the fact that Government Liquidators sales millions of dollars of federal inventory, which is not good enough for Our nearly bankrupt local and state governmtnts (they get it free), but still of value to private sector (they have to buy it).
The relief agencies would mostly desire donations of more money for the purchase of modern, fully equipped with all the creature comforts, bells and whistles (American Idol taste, on a donation budget). They'll collect the donations during this disaster, and order them for delivery in a year after countless hours deciding which bells and whistles they had to have. In the meantime the current disaster victims will be wondering where all the relief money went. Remember all the money for Haiti, the bean counters are still looking for the lost, greenback (dollar) beans. The accountants know where they went just like at Enron (those creature comforts, bells and whistles are expensive! Ask Bernie Madoff and his family it takes a lot of greenback jelly beans to pay for all the luxury and creature comforts...
Recently The Department of Veterans Affairs purchased a modern state of the art Fleet of new units similar to these for serving 'Our Nations Veterans", at 100 to 200 times what I purchased my future Mobile," Just for Veterans, "Green Energy Training Labs". I hope they are all currently on active duty in the disaster areas around "Our Nation”, Serving those who served, in their current time of extreme crisis. But they'll probably be show boating at a NASCAR, Indianapolis or some other sporting event, part of a pre scheduled road trip to Honor Our Veterans on Memorial Day. To many Americans "Our National Holidays" are just another good reason to have a three or four day party weekend close to when the National Holiday should be. I can only hope and pray they do not decide to change the day Jesus Christ was born to create a convenient three day weekend. Too bad they cannot schedule Natural disasters, like National Holidays, they are always so inconvenient to America's life style.
Please excuse the Truths that I have inserted in the above statement, but if you had ever watched your fellow Veterans sick and dying, homeless on the streets of "OUR" Cities over a period of 40 years from the effects of Agent Orange, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Military Sexual Trauma, along with many other maladies attributable to "Service to Our Country" You might have an attitude a little like mine. And how much suffering and death, before relief actually arrives. I guess it is all about watching the "Greenback Beans" or money trail, if you see frivolous use, waste or denial of benefits it takes a toll.
VA is getting better, it is just the fact that they have taken so long, "To Stand Up and Deliver" benefits to so many Who should not have suffered so long by denial of responsibility.
Ken Lindsay
Just A disAbled Veteran.
P.S. Please excuse my misuse of the English language and grammar.




Updated: May 31, 2011 ©Just for Veterans-Green Energy Training

Ken Lindsay